About ZNCHost

Wondering who we are and why ZNCHost exists? Look no further!


About ZNCHost

Our founding team consists of multiple IRC veterans and enthusiasts, who have been using IRC to communicate for more than 20 years.

The lack of enterprise-grade managed solutions in the IRC universe was always baffling to us. So we built ZNCHost - originally as an internal project just for us, but it turned out to be just too good to hold back!

We provide a safe, stable, privacy-focused, all-around communication solution for you and your team.

ZNCHost is a brand of Blendbyte Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

About Blendbyte

Blendbyte is your partner in all things corporate cloud and software. We offer custom-built cloud- and hosting-solutions for your online-projects.

The members of our founding team were early entrepreneurs and advocates for cloud-services in different tech companies and decided to bundle up their decades of experience and expertise to found Blendbyte together back in 2015.

Today, Blendbyte is responsible for various website and application services of middle to huge scale, all hosted on our custom, purpose-built cloud systems - entirely managed and worry-free.

Blendbyte Inc.

What is all that about?

Let us tackle your probably two most pressing questions right here:

What is IRC?

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Internet Relay Chat is one of the oldest and most battle-tested chat systems in the world. It enables chatting in channels with a group of people or individual messages between users.

There are various big, public IRC networks available for different target groups to use, like Libera Chat, IRCnet, UnderNet, OFTC, EFnet, Rizon or QuakeNet.

To connect to those networks you can either use one of the popular IRC applications like mIRC, WeeChat, Konversation, Textual or HexChat or use web-based clients like The Lounge or KiwiIRC.

ZNC is an open-source IRC bouncer software. It sits between your client and the actual IRC server and therefore provides a layer of security in between and doesn't expose your IP address.

Furthermore it stays connected to the IRC server, even if you're not online. It will record channel and personal messages while you're away and will relay them to you upon your next connect.

It comes with a broad plugin universe (like notifications, automations, auto-logins etc.) that can enhance your experience greatly.

ZNCHost's Commitment To Open-Source Software

Usage of Open-Source Software

It can't come as a surprise that we make heavy use of open-source software and tools within ZNCHost, of course with ZNC itself being the most prominent and obvious one.

Everyone on our team is a strong advocate and supporter of the whole open-source ecosystem. Without open-source software ZNCHost would simply not exist.

Therefore, most of our team members are supporting, either by helping in various support channels or by directly contributing in form of code or resources, the communities of the open-source projects we use heavily.

Blendbyte Inc., ZNCHost's parent company, also regularly supports the open-source space by providing monetary donations or free cloud-resources.

Special OSS Deals & Sponsoring

To demonstrate our commitment to the open-source community, we offer specials deals on our services, if we agree that your project can profit from it. We even offer all-in sponsoring, if we think it's a good match.

Please note, that these deals are of course limited and we cannot provide free services for every small open-source project.

Please refer to our dedicated open-source page for more information and details on how to reach out to us about this.

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Together with out partners we offer a distributed network around the world to provide our services as close to you as possible to optimize performance.

Not the right location for you? Get in touch with us to discuss possible other locations!

Looking for a custom solution?

We strive to build the best possible solution for your communication. Get in touch with our friendly support team if you need something custom tailored to your needs.

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