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How does billing work?

To make billing a breeze for our customers (and well, for us) ZNCHost partners with Paddle for it's billing. ZNCHost provides subscription based hosting services. Simply select the plan that fits your needs best and chose either a monthly subscription plan or a year plan (and get a staggering discount!) and provide the payment method you'd like in the checkout process, Paddle will do the rest for you.

In case you want to cancel your service with us, you can do so at any time through your billing interface here on ZNCHost. We do not have any cancellation period, simply cancel anytime before your subscription renews and we will honour your wish and not renew your subscription. You obviously can still use your service with us until your current subscription period ends.

Need help with something?

Please check out our knowledgebase for the most common topics and feel free to contact our support anytime!

Looking for a custom solution?

We strive to build the best possible solution for your communication. Get in touch with our friendly support team if you need something custom tailored to your needs.

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