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What is the Private IRC Server?

The Private IRC Server is part of our team plans and provides you and your team your very own IRC server, completely shielded from the outside and only available for your team.

This enables private conversations, only the channels you want and total control over all of it. You can use our extensive dashboard to manage the server and it's channels. If set up, all users will automatically connect to it.

We use the open-source software Ergo to run our private IRC services. Ergo provides a very fast and reliable environment and comes with a lot of baked-in features. Please check out their website for more information:

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Please check out our knowledgebase for the most common topics and feel free to contact our support anytime!

Looking for a custom solution?

We strive to build the best possible solution for your communication. Get in touch with our friendly support team if you need something custom tailored to your needs.

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